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Добавил swan80 - Мар 4, 2010
Обложка саундтрека Питер Пэн Музыка, песни из мультфильма Питер Пэн.

Название: Музыка к мультфильму Питер Пэн / Soundtrack Peter Pan
Тип саундтрека: OST
Композитор: Frank Churchill
Год выпуска: 2006
Качество mp3: 320 kbps
Количество композиций: 22
Продолжительность: 54 мин.
Размер архива: 90 Мб



01. Main Title (Second Star to the Right); All This Has Happened Before
02. The Last Night in the Nursery
03. On The Rooftop; What's a Kiss?; Perturbed Pixie
04. You Can Fly!
05. A Pirate's Life
06. Blast That Peter Pan; A Pirate's Life
07. The Legend of the Croc; Double the Powder and Shorten the Fuse; Follow Tinkerb
08. Just When I Brought You A Mother; Banished
09. Following the Leader
10. Hide and Sneak; No Let 'em Go
11. Mermaid Lagoon; Bad Day At Skull Rock
12. Plotting a Pixie's Plight
13. What Made The Red Man Red?; Tinknapped
14. Rumour Has It; Hangman's Tree
15. Big Chief Flying Eagle; I Had A Mother Once
16. Your Mother and Mine
17. Good-Bye Peter; Shanghaied
18. Captain Hook Never Breaks a Promise; The Elegant Captain Hook; A Little Surpri
19. No Splash; Take That; I'm a Codfish; Crocbait; The Hero of Neverland
20. Home Again; Mermaids, Pirates and Indians; Finale (You Can Fly!)
21. Never Smile at a Crocodile (Bonus Track)
22. The Boatswain's Song (Demo Recording)
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