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Обложка саундтрека Prince of Persia: Trilogy Песни, музыка из игры Prince of Persia: Trilogy.

Название: Музыка к игре Prince of Persia: Trilogy / Soundtrack Prince of Persia: Trilogy
Тип саундтрека: Score
Композитор: Stuart Chatwood
Год выпуска: 2011
Качество mp3: V2
Количество композиций: 50
Продолжительность: 104 мин.
Размер архива: 157 Мб



01. Welcome to Persia
02. Introducing the Prince
03. Prelude Fight
04. Behold the Sands of Time
05. Discover the Royal Chambers
06. Attack of the Sand Griffons
07. Don't Enter the Light
08. Enter the Royal Palace
09. The Royal Baths
10. Chaos in the Zoo
11. Lost in the Crypts
12. Farah Enlightens the Prince
13. Trouble in the Barracks
14. The Library
15. The Tower of Dawn
16. Reverse the Sands of Time
17. The Vizier Must Die
18. Time Only Knows
19. Battle the Dahaka
20. Conflict of the Griffins
21. Escape the Dahaka
22. An Unsafe Sanctuary
23. Attack at Sea
24. Clash in the Catacombs
25. Conflict at the Entrance
26. Confrontation in the Mechanical Tower
27. Military Aggression
28. Rooftop Engagement
29. Struggle in the Library
30. The Mystic Caves
31. Tower Encounter
32. Babylon Exploration
33. Ancient Palace
34. Time Marches
35. I Still Love You
36. Epic Battle of the Chariots
37. The Beauty of the City
38. Nostalgic Sand Prince
39. Garden Explorations
40. Alone in the Courtyard
41. A Beseiged City
42. A Babylonian Prince
43. Alone in the Garden
44. In Pursuit of Farah
45. The Wandering Sand Prince
46. The Mental Realm
47. The Mighty Prince
48. The Palace Battle
49. The Prince Retaliates
50. Beneath Babylon
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