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Обложка саундтрека Пятница, 13-е: Части 1-6 Музыка, песни из фильма Пятница, 13-е: Части 1-6.

Название: Музыка к фильму Пятница, 13-е / Soundtrack Friday the 13th
Тип саундтрека: Score
Композитор: Harry Manfredini
Год выпуска: 2012
Качество mp3: 320 kbps
Количество композиций: 122
Продолжительность: 301 мин.
Размер архива: 684 Мб



01.Overlay of Evil / Main Title
02.Banjo Travelin'
03.Alice Goes to the Lake (Parts 1 and 2)
04.Back Up to Annie Alone
05.Mrs. V Watches
06.Ralph in the Pantry
07.Don't Smoke in Bed
08.Not Tonight, I've Got a Headache
09.Brenda in Lights
10.The Bed Axe
11.Alice Runs to Cabin
12.Mrs. V Comes Clean
13.Alice Runs to Light
14.The Last Fight / The Chop to the End
15.The Boat on the Water - Closing Theme 1 / Jason in the Lake*
16.Closing Theme
Bonus Cue
17.Sail Away Tiny Sparrow
(Music and Lyrics By Harry Manfredini and John R. Briggs)
* - Contains Music from "Sail Away Tiny Sparrow”
CD 2
01. Flashback
02. Alice Hangs Up
03. Keep a Cool Head (aka Main Title)
04. Prowler
05. Ralph Gets Cursed
06. Terry Looks for Muffin
07. Jeff and Sandy are Watched
08. The Chase / Sheriff Visits Villa Jason
09. Terry in Lake / Dolly In, Scott Out
10. Vickie is Watched / Jason at Door
11. Vickie Goes Up
12. Jason and Paul Meet
13. Ragtop and Running Ragged
14. Ginny Under the Bed
15. Ginny Visits Villa Jason
16. Who's at the Door
17. Return to Chez Jason / Titles
01.Part 2 Flashback*
02.Theme from Friday the 13TH Part 3
(Written By Harry Manfredini and Michael Zager)
03.The General Store*
04.The Meat Cleaver*
05.Arriving at the Barn / Fake Axe*
06.Let's Go for a Swim*
07.Who's Up There?*
08.In the Barn*
09.The Pipe Wrench*
10.In the Bedroom*
11.Flashback to Meeting Jason*
12.Chuck Walks to Outhouse*
13.The Lake Dock*
14.Shelly Goes to The Barn*
15.Wallet in the Lake*
16.Debbie Takes a Shower*
17.Walking On Hands*
18.The Fuse Box*
19.Chili Bites the Big One
20.Nobody Home
21.The Eyes Have It
22.Jason Down Stairs to Barn
23.Jason Hung
24.Jason Grabs Rope
26.Jason Dead in Barn / End Credit Title
* - Comprised of Music from Parts 1 and 2
** - Partially Comprised of Music from Parts 1 and 2
CD 4
01.What Boy, Ma'am? / Main Titles
03.The Morgue*
04.Hacksaw to Throat*
05.Squeezing the Banana*
06.Dock Prank*
07.Stalled Car*
08.Tommy's Room
09.Midnight Skinny Dip*
10.Paul Gets the Point*
11.Mom Looks for Kids*
12.Lights Out*
13.Jimmy is Screwed* / Tina Thrown* / Ted Watches Movie*
14.Lights! Camera! Hacktion!*
15.You Give Me Cleaver*
16.Trish and Rob
17.Tommy Reads / Trish Pleads / Rob and Trish Meet Jason
18La Muerte De Jason
* - Comprised of Music From Parts 1 and 2
02.Main Titles
03.Tommy Alone
04.Tommy Scares Reggie / Tommy Watches
05.Vic Chops / Roy Reacts
06.Peter in the Woods
08.Vinnie's Front Seat / Jason in the Mirror
09.Tommy and Mask / Lana in the Diner
10.Billy's Head
11.Tommy at Window
13.Drive to Demon's / Tommy Meets Jr / Anita and Demon
14.Junior's Head / Jake's Head
15.Robin Covers Reggie
16.Robin and Jake
18.Pam and Reggie Meet Jason
19.Reggie is Caught / Pam Attacks
20.Pam and Jason
21.Tommy's Dream
22.Jason's Final Visit
23.The Window / Tommy at Door / End Titles
Bonus Tracks:
24.Heavy Metal**
25.Punk Funk**
** - Written By Harry Manfredini, John Cariddi
(BMI) and Ron Delseni (ASCAP)
01.The Cemetery / Coffins and Maggots and Worms--Oh My!
02.Here We Go Again (Opening Titles)
03.He Only Takes Visa
04.The Caretaker***
05.The Survivalists
06.Marty, Kathleen, Steve, Annette, and Who Else?
07.Let's Play "Camp Blood"
08.He Was Everywhere, Like TV
09.Cort and Nikki Check Wire***
10.Megan Balances Business with Pleasure
12.Real TV Nightmare***
13.Paula Feels the Tension
14.You Drive, Hot Lips
15.The Gang's All Here
16.I Wanna Hold Your Head / Jason Takes a Dip
17.Jason Out
18.Unused Cue (No Title)
19.The Rescue / Finale
*** - Contains Music Not Heard in Final Film
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