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Обложка саундтрека Пираты Карибского моря: Проклятие Черной жемчужины (Complete Score) Музыка, песни из фильма Пираты Карибского моря: Проклятие Черной жемчужины (Complete Score).

Название: Музыка к фильму Пираты Карибского моря: Проклятие Черной жемчужины / Complete Score Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Тип саундтрека: Complete Score
Композитор: Klaus Badelt
Год выпуска: 2003
Качество mp3: 320 kbps
Количество композиций: 71
Продолжительность: 108 мин.
Размер архива: 228 Мб



CD 1

01. Opening Credits
02. Boy's Rescue
03. The Little Girl Sees the Black Ship
04. Elizabeth Wakes Up and Gets the Medallion from the Draw
05. Pirates Ye Be Warned
06. Norrington's Promotion Ceremony (Source)
07. Captain Jack Sparrow's Confrontation
08. There is No Real Ship With Black Sails
09. Untitled Source
10. Elizabeth Falls
11. Captain Jack Sparrow Came to the Rescue
12. Captain Jack Sparrow Escape Attempt
13. Captain Jack Sparrow Cuts Off His Chains
14. Will Turner Confronts Captain Jack Sparrow
15. Will vs Jack Sparrow Part I
16. Will vs Jack Sparrow Part II
17. This is the Day Captain Jack Sparrow Almost Escaped
18. The Prison Cell
19. The Black Pearl Approaches Port Royal
20. Port Royal Under Attack Part I
21. We Know You're Here Puppet
22. Port Royal Under Attack Part n
23. So There is a Curse and the Black Pearl
24. Elizabeth Meets Captain Barbossa
25. Will Turner Wakes Up
26. Commandeering a Ship Part I
27. Commandeering a Ship Part II
28. To Tortuga
29. A Proposition
30. You'll Be Dinin' With the Captain
31. The Captain's Cabin
32. Swords Crossed (Film)
33. The Hunt We're Catching Up
34. Time to Go, Poppet
35. Jack's Past Revealed
36. Jack and Will Go Off to the Cave in a Boat
37. The Elizabeth Blood Ritual Part I
38. The Elizabeth Blood Ritual Part II

CD 2

01. Will Rescues Elizabeth
02. Jack's Not Dead
03. Keeping to the Code
04. In the Cabin of the Interceptor
05. Elizabeth Hands Over the Medallion to Will
06. The Chase
07. The Fight
08. Will Swims Under the Water
09. Barbossa! She Goes Free!
10. Misleading Negotiations and Walking the Plank
11. Marooned Again (Film)
12. The Story of Bootstrap's Bootstraps
13. Jack and Norrington's Soldiers
14. The Blood Ritual, Again, Interrupted
15. Murtogg and Mullroy
16. Back in the Cave
17. Underwater March
18. Hold Fire
19. The Epic Battle Begins Parti
20. Jack vs Barbossa Part I
21. Pirate Guard and the Monkey Falls on the Cannon
22. Jack vs Barbossa Part II
23. The Two Immortals Fights and Jack's Crew Steal the Black Pearl Ship
24. The Epic Battle Part II
25. The Epic Battle Part III
26. Will Saves Jack from Getting Hung
27. The Finale
28. The End Credits Suite
29. He's a Pirate (Album)
30. Marooned Again (Album)
31. Tikal - Trailer 1
32. X-Ray Dog - Trailer 2
33. Hans Zimmer - Trailer 3
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